#8524: OrianDragon -> MadManWithAnAxe


MadManWithAnAxe: you take that back!

OrianDragon: no make me

MadManWithAnAxe: *makes you*

OrianDragon: no

MadManWithAnAxe: *uses the all powerful MIND BEAM!!!*

OrianDragon: (dodge)

MadManWithAnAxe: damnit!! the targets at the shooting range didn’t move…

OrianDragon: to fast you

MadManWithAnAxe: *mesmorizes you with hypnotic belly dancing*

OrianDragon: well counter attack you with my ferret of doom

MadManWithAnAxe: how did you know my undescribable intense paranoia of ferrets?!?

OrianDragon: haha you don’t know what scares me

MadManWithAnAxe: *pulls out a full size cardboard cutout of Judy Dench wearing nothing but duct tape*

OrianDragon: nnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

MadManWithAnAxe: YES *jiggles it around to make it look like it’s dancing*

OrianDragon: no stop it but lawngnomes scare me to

MadManWithAnAxe: ah, yes *pulls out a sharpie and draws a lawn gnome’s head in place of judy dench’s*

OrianDragon: oh my god please put it away

MadManWithAnAxe: *throws it aside*

OrianDragon: thank you”pulls out the band Hanson” dance my slave dance

MadManWithAnAxe: =-O

MadManWithAnAxe: *pantomimes a dog putting an etch-a-sketch in the microwave* Mmmmbop THAT!

OrianDragon: no

MadManWithAnAxe: Well, okay

OrianDragon: you will destroy us all

MadManWithAnAxe: *reenacts the entire civil war in 5 minutes*

OrianDragon: “shoots general Lee”

OrianDragon: cival war that

MadManWithAnAxe: *reseructs lee’s soul into an 80 foot grizzly bear with mutant powers*

OrianDragon: “shoots grizzly but doesn’t hurt it so run and summons Godzilla

MadManWithAnAxe: *Lee’s grizzly body springs forth adamantium claws*

OrianDragon: “Godzilla sommuns Mothra then those two small Japanese chicks come and say Mothra comeback Mothra”

MadManWithAnAxe: *grizzly laughs an evil laugh and entombs mothra in carbonite*

OrianDragon: “then tose two small chicks start biting the grizzlys toes”

MadManWithAnAxe: *the grizzly dies, ironically not from the toe-biting, but from a broken heart…awww*

OrianDragon: isn’t cute

MadManWithAnAxe: so sad…

OrianDragon: “oh no a giant metorite come and kills Godzilla”

MadManWithAnAxe: *it starts to rain and thousands upon thousands of lawn gnomes sprout from the cracks in the sidewalks*

OrianDragon: oh no I’m scared hold me

MadManWithAnAxe: *music begins playing with no apparent source while strobe lights turn the earth into a giant party sphere*

OrianDragon: “then every body starts to disco dancing”

MadManWithAnAxe: *but oddly enough, they’re disco dancing to hardcore rap done by a midget with down syndrome*

OrianDragon: “oh god we have to kill him says an one armed’ one eyed,onlegged man”

MadManWithAnAxe: for fuck’s sake, i thought he swore he would leave the poor pringles guy alone

OrianDragon: no make me

MadManWithAnAxe: *hums the opening guitars riffs from Kashmir*

OrianDragon: oh no its Bill Cosbey is behind you and he wants to sell you jello

MadManWithAnAxe: *backhands bill cosby*

OrianDragon: “still comes after you but this time asks what your favorite thing is”

MadManWithAnAxe: *smacks bill cosby then screams ”HEY HEY MAMA SAID THE WAY YOU MOVE GONNA MAKE YOU SWEAT GONNA MAKE YOU GROOVE” *plays air guitar*

OrianDragon: “then he brakes your air guitar then the starts stabing you with a butterknife”

MadManWithAnAxe: *cries uncrontrollaby*

OrianDragon: “then smacks you and says stop crying you little baby and stars to smack you uncontrollably ands starts to say who’s you daddy”

MadManWithAnAxe: *turns into a werewolf and screams ”give me waffles or give me death!!” then turns back into a person and looks around confused*

OrianDragon: “screams into your ear and says that you’re his son”

MadManWithAnAxe: *whistles the opening theme from 2001: a space oddysey while methodically biting toenails*

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