Urisoft Monopoly (PC) Review

Developer: Urisoft

  Urisoft Monopoly (PC) (708.3 KiB, 1,491 hits)

Game by Urisoft, made with Game Maker.


This is a recreation of the ever-popular Monopoly game. Instead of fake places like Monopoly has, this Monopoly has real countries (yay). So I can buy India for like 750 dollars. Ain’t that swell?


There’s no effort in making any thing. The only thing that is original is the board.


There’s no sound. This is kind of bad, because it gets really boring after a while, with no music to shake your ass to while buying the countries of the world.


Long and boring. You can’t trade property, buy houses, or nearly 3/4 the things you are able to do in Monopoly. And when you go to Free Parking, you lose 3 turns. Its free parking, why the hell would I have to stay there for three turns?! FREE PARKING IS GOOD, AND YOU PARK THERE CAUSE ITS FREE GODDAMITTT!

Crappiest Part:

The boringness of the game.

Overall Score:

When you get down to it, this game is just boring. There’s no way to trade your properties to other people or computers, like it is in the Monopoly games, so that makes it kind of limited to only two things you can do: roll your dice to move and pay money.


  Urisoft Monopoly (PC) (708.3 KiB, 1,491 hits)

Game by Urisoft, made with Game Maker.

3 thoughts on “Urisoft Monopoly (PC) Review”

  1. Download is “invalid or corrupted.” It’s a shame too seeing as how I believe this is the only place that has this game for download anymore. I wanted to play it.

  2. The download works for me but I’m on XP cause I’m poor. Also, the places in Monopoly aren’t fake, they’re names of streets in New Jersey. Anyway I just tried playing this game and it sucks. It changes your resolution without asking and the graphics are icky.

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