Speed Cookie 2 (PC) Review

Developer: Stenners


Just like Speed Cookie. It’s pacman but you go fast (speed) and it has nothing to do with cookies (cookie) get it? Speed Cookie. The point of the game is to get to the star thing without hitting the monster things. By the way, some help files just crack me up, so i put a lot of stuff from this one in here.

Background Story (from the help file):

“After Speed Cookie escaped from monster isle he was captured and was put into a lab for experiments. Speed Cookie then was made to drink a potion wich made him flash colours now hes pissed and wants revenge. He bit the mad scientist Speed Cookie then got thrown to the floor and then the mad scientists dog cud went to eat him he then took it away from the dog but the dog was crazy to get him. The scientist was intreeged and was thinking maybe was the taste of speed cookie that the dog wanted to eat him so much. So he rubbed speed cookie with a cloth and the gave it to the dog the dog ate the cloth as qucik as it got given to him. He then started to talk about speed cookie being killed for him to extract the dna and to make him dog food.One night Speed Cookie tried to escape but was confrunted by huge bacteria all of wich are menercinig and trying to stop Speed Cookie. Can you help him escape from the biological lab or will he be dicepeepted and made as new dog food.”


The pac man flashes all the time… I don’t know if thats better or worse than just yellow… I’m gonna say worse cause it’s annoying… sort of.


Well… I don’t remember any… lets see… ok there’s two sounds. The first is the cookie exploding sound in the intro (thats the only time I saw cookies..) and the “ugh!” sound when you hit the star. According to the help file, “You have to guide speed cookie to the warp star why dose he say uegh you ask he hates the taste lodged into his mouth.”


It’s pretty hard to avoid the monsters or “bacteria” as he calls them… I have to put another quote in here about the monsters, “Sucjh as the bacteria from the first game and the all new pain haiting bacterai when he hits the wall he slows down but after a while he flips and gose faster then before.”

Crappiest Part:

How it doesn’t “Snap to a grid” and the monsters act kinda screwy.

Overall Score:

It was a good effort I guess.. I think it needs a better idea, but I liked how he puts all this backstory into a stupid game of avoiding monsters.. I also noticed that there weren’t any “fake exits” to the levels like in the first one… oh well maybe I didn’t play long enough.


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