Space Attacks II (PC) Review

Developer: The GM Place

  Space Attacks II (PC) (879.3 KiB, 1,221 hits)

Game by The GM Place, made with Game Maker.


Captain’s log, 0500. We’re going in a straight line now…with UFos, and about 3 other originally drawn ships coming our way. Also going in a straight line. And asteroids. Everywhere. They’re everywhere! Actually they aren’t, there’s only about 1 or 2 ships at a given time, and a random asteroid flying through every now and then.


The graphics are the same as the first one, but this time I saw a few ships that might’ve been original. Whoopeedoo. Doesn’t hide the fact that this game sucks.


The same as the first one, annoying like my sister when she comes into my room asking if she can get a ride to one of her stupid friend’s house so they swim in a swimming pool all day.


Same as the first one. This is probably the strong point of the game, knowing how to play.

Crappiest Part:

The crappiest part is the whole idea. Space Attacks is gay. It should be called Space Gay, cause that’s what it is. I know they’re transporting dildos to the alien’s homeworld who don’t fucking want human dildos. If they wanted dildos at all, they’d get their own species. They don’t want some long stick thing, they want a flat bumpy thing that you can slap, and waves like jello. Oh wait…I just found the story.


Killing Osama in the first Space attacks wasn’t enough. Saddam wants revenge, (yes, I am aware that the two are enemies). Fight off hoards of evil UFOs acting on Saddam’s behalf. Stop them before it’s too late… or after it’s too late, whatever’s good for you. Good luck…

what the hell is that?

Overall Score:

Yet again, another failure in the Space Attacks series. But this time around, when you die you don’t go to the credits screen. Hooray! And there’s also different difficulties, so I guess I have to give points for that. More like 1 point for all the improvements, that shouldn’t have been improvements but been in the first one already. 3/10.

  Space Attacks II (PC) (879.3 KiB, 1,221 hits)

Game by The GM Place, made with Game Maker.

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