Sol (PC) Review

Developer: Not a Sock Games

  Sol (PC) (619.4 KiB, 1,025 hits)

Game by Not A Sock Games, made with Game Maker.


No, this game is not called Shit Outta Luck. Its short for Solar System Simulation, which is what it is…a simulation of the solar system. This is supposed to be the basis for the game Resilience.


The graphics in this game are nothing more than a few dots and some text.


No sound to be heard. This gives a very realistic viewpoint to the simulation, because in space you can’t hear any music. Wouldn’t it be great though if you can go at lightspeed while listening to Britney Spears? Eh? Eh? How about it?


Only two things to do…zoom in…and zoom out. Look what you can find if you zoom out for 10 minutes!:

Crappiest Part:

The sun is so small…I wanna see the burning chaos that is our sun. There should be a laser coming off the sun that you could shoot down planets with…! but then it wouldn’t be a solar system simulation then…

Overall Score:

This is a simulation of the solar system. There really isn’t that much you can expect from something like this. Though it could have gotten a little more detail and be a little more exact to what it actually is, it still is something that you can show your science teacher and say “look what I have that is better than having you explain it with your fingers!” It gets a:


  Sol (PC) (619.4 KiB, 1,025 hits)

Game by Not A Sock Games, made with Game Maker.

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