Snack Invasion (PC/Web) Review

Developer: FritoLay

Play it here:

  Snack Invasion (PC/Web) (173.3 KiB, 1,224 hits)

Game by FritoLay


Snack Invasion is a (not so) fun little game in which you have to click on aliens who came 6,000 light years to steal your Lays, Fritos, Ruffles, Funyuns, Cheetoes, and Doritos. One would wonder why they would do that, when they can just go to any one of the 7 11s, rob the store with their alien laser guns, and get a Grapermelon Slushee while they’re at it. I don’t get it.


The graphics are fine…I really like the bags. They look so realistic. Oh wait, they’re just cropped out.


HORRIBLE, AND UN-NEEDED. I don’t need stupid sound effects of chip bags popping out of the strange landscape they call your home. And the annoying “woo woo woo”s of the aliens doesn’t help either. The only good thing is how the aliens make a big explosion sound when they die. Oh wait. THEY DON’T. ALL THEY FUCKING DO IS GO “POOF.” MILLIONS OF YEARS OF TECHNOLOGY AND ALL THEY CAN MAKE THEIR FLYING SAUCERS DO IS GO “POOF” and suck up bags of fucking chips made by a stupid company! You’d at least THINK they’d make themselves not be gay, and make their ships go “KABOOM,” but NOoooooOoooOOOoooo………


Point, Click, Suck, Dick

Crappiest part:

The web site it is on. Let’s face it. No one goes to As soon as I put this review up, their servers will be overloaded with the less than 3 people that will actually click on the fucking link to go to their site.

Overall Score:

Snack Invasion blows. 2/10.

Play it here:

  Snack Invasion (PC/Web) (173.3 KiB, 1,224 hits)

Game by FritoLay

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