Me a Monkey (PC) Review

Developer: Cybershark

  Me a Monkey (PC) (598.0 KiB, 1,014 hits)

Game by Cybershark, made with Game Maker.


Never before in a game, do you have a bazooka thing that shoots spinning bananas that blow up ninja monkeys, piles of goo, stupid things you can’t shoot, and hover monkeys from a boat, until this game. This game takes you through lush scenery, like…umm…black…steps, and waterfalls and trees that you can’t climb (even though you’re a monkey)


Completely sub-par. I don’t even know what that means exactly, but its less than average.


The annoying exploding sounds. The weird thing is, when you shoot, you hear an explosion, not when you actually have the thing explode…


Normal…but there were times where I fell through the floor, and that was gay, because then I had to start over again. The only part that I actually kind of liked was the boat level thing…if you ever get past all the parts of the game you can fall through..

Crappiest Part:

How you fall through the floor sometimes for no reason. It seems you only fall if you shoot in specific places. And the legs of the monkey keep moving even though you’re not moving.

Overall Score:

It was an ok attempt, but it could have been done better.


  Me a Monkey (PC) (598.0 KiB, 1,014 hits)

Game by Cybershark, made with Game Maker.

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