Dark Caves II: Lost in Egypt (PC) Review

Developer: Hellbound’s Games

  Dark Caves 2 (PC) (728.7 KiB, 1,822 hits)

Game by Hellbound's Games, made with Game Maker.


Here we are again, in another Dark Caves game. But this time, we’re in Egypt! Hooray! This is the “sequel” to Hellbound’s Dark Caves, which was also originally a C64 game (2 different games)


Once again, there are very good graphics here, and a very nice job of making everything look like Egypt.


The same sounds are used again from the last one. Nothing too annoying, nothing too good though.


The gameplay is exactly the same as from the first one. And the goal is pretty much the same. This is pretty much the same game with different themed levels.

Crappiest Part:

There isn’t too much of anything crappy in this game. The game is kind of boring though, just like the last one, but with all the different spikes and enemies, which are obviously only in Egypt, it makes it less boring than the first one.

Overall Score:

This game is a bit easier in the starting out levels than the first few in the first one, but I know that it probably gets really hard. This is definitely for someone who wants to get frustrated, and will want to play a hard game. The game is very smooth running, which is a big plus, because so many games made with Game Maker aren’t. 8/10.

  Dark Caves 2 (PC) (728.7 KiB, 1,822 hits)

Game by Hellbound's Games, made with Game Maker.

One thought on “Dark Caves II: Lost in Egypt (PC) Review”

  1. Hi all, I would like to get in contact again with Hellbound who made this game… I actually created all 50 level maps in this game as you will see on the title screen credits “Jayson of Another Corrupt Production”.. I am no longer this name as I now go by Zro Dfects…

    With luck Hellbound will reply to this someday as I have not seen him since this game many years ago..

    This is Hellbounds website which he has not used in years:

    Zro Dfects


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