Pop Up Windows

Okay.. this may not be for everyone. I have one big problem with the internet and that is everytime I try to get to some porno about 500,000,000 pop up windows come up. So after you get done clicking them all off you realize you actually clicked off the site you went to. So what do you do?.. Like a dumbass you hit the back button and all the pop-up windows come back. But this time they have a secret weapon… Each time you click them off two more of their buddies come in their place. SO after you get all the pop up windows beat down you realize that the porn site has made itself your homepage and added all sorts of stuff to your favorites that you had no intention of ever looking at. So what is the moral of this story?… Pop up windows are god’s sense of humor….and remember kiddies.. Everytime you masturbate…. god kills a kitten.

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