Born In a Flower

Recently it’s rumored a baby was born inside a giant daisy flower. He was wearing a tuxedo and top hat singing various 70s songs. Now this is very interesting. If this is true we could make more of medicine or money. Nah! Let’s just cut them down and make big factories that pollute. However the child was said to be very intelligent as a new born. He knew how to sing and dance. This baby even knew how do complicated math. Is he the next genius? We’ll find out. Now I would like to state that nobody heard or reported this story. Then again no one told us this didn’t happen so were assuming it did. Quite clever. When interviewed this child said the following…

“The press just creates your image, but you alone create it.”

By this we’ve realized he’s a very confused little boy. Nobody in show business makes who themselves. They pay people to do it for them. He’s got a lot to learn! Judging by the sun dial on my spectacles, this story has got to print.

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