Chocolate Poop

I love chocolate poop. I had my first taste of chocolate poop at a restaurant called Le poop. It was so good that it became my favorite dessert. Now I want to try making it at home. First, I get a saucepan and put 1/4 cup of butter in it to melt slowly. Then I put a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips into the saucepan. They melt slowly as I stir them with a spoon. I also add milk and vanilla until it is smooth and not too thick. Then I pour it into the poop pot and light the burner under it to keep it warm. The deep, rich chocolate liquid slowly courses into the poop pot. I breathe deeply the fragrance of sweet smelling poop. My mouth starts watering at the wonderful yummy smell of chocolate. Next I get out the marshmallows which will be used to dip into the chocolate. The bag of poop feels soft and spongy under my fingers. I know the little brown puffs are fresh.

Picking up a poopie, I put the delectable treat on a fork. Then I dip it into the chocolate as far as it will go. The marshmallow dips into the chocolate about 3/4’s of the way. The poopie turns a very deep luscious brown. The chocolate drips down most of the rest of poop. Taking a last look, I shove it into my mouth and an overwhelmingly chocolatey taste floods my mouth. The chocolate mixes irresistibly with the marshmallow, creating a sweet, gummy version of the chocolate sauce. I chew and swallow, there will be more, but the first is always the best.

After I am full of poop, I force myself to stop eating the scrumptious treat. I am very full and satisfied after the delicious dessert. My poop is almost as good as the poop I had at the restaurant. The main difference between my poop and the restaurant poop is that they put alcohol in it and light it on fire before we eat it. The restaurant also had fruit and other things to dip into the poop, but my favorite was marshmallows. I have a sudden urge to eat all the rest of the chocolate sauce and now I will be sick until I wake up in the morning. But boy do I still like poop! Woo woo! Poop, poop, poop!

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