Gay Stupid Memorex

A long time ago, there was this moderately good deal for getting a 50 cd pack of cd-rs at Office Depot. The thing was this: get a 50 cd pack of cd-rs and you get a 25 pack of multicolored slim cases, and an 8 dollar rebate. That day, i was filling it out and i sent the rebate out. That was at least 6 months ago.

Now on the 8th of April, i saw another good deal with Memorex cds. This was the deal: 2 packs of 100 cd-rs and 2 packs of 25 slim cases all for a little less than 40 bucks. Those smug bastards think they can get away with me having to buy 150 more slim cases to cover the rest of them. Well they’re WRONG! Anyway, i have to admit that was a good deal. But it got me to thinking. What the FUCK happened to my 8 dollar rebate?! Its been like 6 months! They said it would take a long time, but it shouldn’t take half a year to process a fucking rebate. I want my 8 bucks! What if I had rent to pay, and I needed that 8 bucks THAT month?! Now i’m 8 bucks in debt, and the landlord isn’t letting up on me for that 8 bucks! I don’t have a job, i just can’t PAY anyone I want and BUY anything I damn well please!

Now, I am announcing today, the Get Dave Back His Rebate From Memorex After Buying the 50 CD-Rs With a Free Pack of 25 Multicolored Slim Cases and a Rebate That Never Came Back After He Sent It In Foundation. Or GDBHRFMAB50CDRWFP25MSCRTNCBAHSIIF for short. Now I will stop at nothing to get my 8 bucks back. I will write emails, make phone calls, and I’ll drive over there to Michigan or San Francisco or wherever the hell they are. And you are free to join me in my quest. Write emails to Memorex, with the subject line “Give davepoobond’s Rebate Money, You Fat Pigs” or something along the lines of a denoting them to a farmyard animal.

Be on the lookout for a road trip. If you give me your address, and you’re along the way to either Michigan or San Francisco, I’ll swing by and pick you up. You better bring some money, because I’m not driving a U-Haul, unless you buy one for me, then you can come for free.

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