USA: Destruction of the Twin Towers and Such

In my years of living here in America, I have questioned what it’s done and could have done, should have done and would have done. Although my views of America were questionable, I believe the attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, was totally uncalled for and unnecessary. What terrorist’s believe to have been the start of America’s downfall, it actually turned out to be an uprising. America’s spirit’s have risen greatly and it’s a shame that it took this incident to do so. Never have I seen Americans’ work together so greatly, donating blood, digging through rubble and so on. When I heard these events, I almost cried. The horror was part of it, but also the joy of a nation actually working together. The world, in fact, working together. Hearing the apologies from all the countries including England and Canada made this world seem more united. The unexpected help from Russia also made me content. I went to work and realized I couldn’t get my paycheck because of the airplane ban. What did I think about it? I didn’t care. I did not care in the least bit. I went home, grabbed my American flag, and hung it outside. That’s the effect the terrorists made on me. The anger is there, no doubt, against the people who did this and helped do this. I think about the people in the buildings and in the planes, as they new in a few minutes they were going to be killed. That they would never see their love ones again. I can’t imagine being those people, I can’t imagine suffering in that way. I hope that if there is a heaven, they go there and if there isn’t a heaven, I hope one is created for them. They deserved none of this whatsoever. Terrorism never helps anything except the death toll. The death of innocent victims is just wrong. No other way about it. The people that did this deserve the punishment that comes to them, but all I ask is that they suffer for it. A quick death would be too short. My disgruntled ways against George W Bush are over, I cheer for him now as I would for anyone else in office looking for action against the terrorists. We cannot let the terrorists win, and winning doesn’t just involve barrages of terrorism, it involves the idea that the “losing side” (The term losing is used as in the side that just took in the biggest hit from the opposing side) is losing hope and faith in their society. If we think that, we have lost the war. If we imagine that, we have lost the war. If we stand up after we have been hit, we have won the war. War is what it has come to, I feel. But a different kind of war, a war against terrorism. That war will surely deliver a blow to the evil in the world and will greatly lift the good side. I believe in the American Dream now my friends, and that dream is defeating the evil in the world one step at a time. Now that’s a dream that doesn’t take a fairy tale to come true, but rather united nations and people. I am proudly one of those people.

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