USA: Why Teachers Are Paid So Little

It pisses me off when teachers complain about how they’re not paid that much. When you look at it in the total picture, they only REALLY work for 6 hours a day. 6 fucking hours! That’s almost nothing compared to what others do, which is 8-10 hours. They’re not running their own business, they chose their career to get low-paid positions as teachers at public schools, and they’re complaining about how much money they get. I don’t care about their money woes. They really don’t even work for 6 hours! There’s lunch breaks and passing periods that add up to about an hour in them just sitting around except when they say a student can come in during lunch. Suspiciously they don’t allow a student to come into class during lunch EVERY day…


If you work less, you get paid less. Its common sense. They get about 2 months of vacation a year, a dream to many other people, while those dreaming people still have to wok during that time. Teachers (that chose to) work for about 3-4 hours that other month of summer vacation, and then get the rest of the day off. That’s why they don’t get that much money. They would need probably $50 an hour to get the same annual income as someone who goes to work EVERYDAY except holidays and weekends working 8+ hours. And that’s another thing, the teachers get 2 weeks off for Christmas, 2 weeks off for Thanksgiving, a spring break, not to mention the summer vacation as well, and the other holidays which add up to about another week’s worth. It seems like there’s only a few months for them to actually work. And all these “teacher grading days” or “buy back days” or “days off to grade tests” or “days off to put grades for report cards in the books” and all that crap, its bull shit, I tell you. Big stinky bull shit!


Most teachers probably became teachers because they felt that they could never leave school and explore different fields of LIFE!


Quit complaining, you fucks. In the end, its all for the kids that will make more money working at McDonalds than you working at school. Isn’t it? No, not even then, cause there’s all these accounts of teachers raping, molesting, and kidnapping kids cause they can’t get any sex or kids or something otherwise. There’s 40 year old teachers with no spouses, probably because of the fact they’re teachers, and bastards/bitches as well. The teacher is a dirty job, worse than drug dealers. But that’s a different theory.


Now if a teacher is reading this and they say “hey we work for more than 6 hours a day,” well this is what I say to you: you don’t have to. You’re only paid to stay at your job until a certain time, and what you chose to do afterwards is your own decision. You can sit and grade papers for 500 hours for all I care, but you do it at your leisure. No one gets 3 months to make a presentation for work or something like that, while they sit at home and do it at the times they want to. But for the teachers, no one is forcing them to give back any tests or essays or homework. They could just say that everyone did it and never pass those things back, and make up some excuse like “I lost them.” That’s not fair to the students who put hard work into it, sacrificing their time at which they could be living life as a teenager, which they don’t have too many years of, to do some bullshit assignment or study for some bullshit test that never gets passed back.

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