Justice Files

I was watching the Rosie O’ Donnel show a while ago before it was canceled, for some God forsaken reason that I don’t know.

So she’s talking about some shit, and there’s this voice every once in a while that agrees with her, and it doesn’t look at that guy, just at Rosie, and pretty soon its getting really redundant, then all of a sudden she says “my 3 year old son and I were watching Justice Files, on that cartoon station….Cartoon Network, that’s right, and there was this show called Justice Files, y’know with Superman, Batman, and they go around and fight aliens and stuff. Well, my son turns around and says ‘mom, I like this show.’ And I say ‘yes, son, I like this show too.'” All through her endless babble of not knowing what she was talking about, the guy kept saying “unh hunh” and then Rosie says “Then I got to wondering, WHAT ABOUT ROBIN?” and she leans forward on her desk, toward the guy, and the camera finally switches to this guy sitting at a black piano, with a huge microphone in his face, and it covered half of it, at least, and he’s right up next to it, saying “unh hunh” and says something about that, and then Rosie says, “we’ll be right back after this commercial break.”

What a dumb bitch, first of all its Justice LEAGUE. Justice Files is a Discovery Channel investigative show, which, obviously, she has never seen or heard of, in which detectives and cops tell stories and the Discovery Channel makes recreations and shit like that. Rosie needs to learn how to listen, because it always says “Justice League will be back after these messages.” And she probably doesn’t even know about Justice Friends, which is the same thing but it has Robin ::spins finger around:: whoohoo, and it was made in the 70s, the era in which SHE grew up in. Now, how do I know that and she not know that? What a dumb bitch!

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