Dave’s First Date

Well my first date started out ok. I drove up to her with my 82 diesel at 12:00, but that’s when Temporary Dad came out with a shotgun. She opened the door and got in in a hurry, but unfortunately the way I was going was uphill, so I was only going 25 mph, cause the car wouldn’t go over that going uphill. So it ended up with me and Temporary Dad getting into a hissy fit about me wanting to have anal sex with his temporary daughter. I told him not to worry, I wasn’t like that. Then he got happy and gave me the kiss on each cheek thing, then he said “have fun”

So we went to McDonalds. I only had 4 bucks, so i got the 39 cent hamburgers and yogurt parfait. Kimmy got the Big Mac meal, but I made her pay for it cause i only had 45 cents left. I offered it to her, but she didn’t want it.

While we were eating, we didn’t talk, and I just looked around. I ended up going into the playplace, playing the Nintendo games and climbing around in the ball room and the tubes until I got kicked out. She was in the bathroom, vomiting, and when she came out she said “lets go some place fun.” In response, I said “what’s more fun then the McDonald’s Playplace?” She gave me a cold stare, and I said, “ok lets go”

I drove over to the park, and there were lots of kids there. I ran over to the swings (there were only two of them) and the other was being used by another kid. I swung for about 10 minutes, and she watched me from a platform. Then I went down the swirly slide 5 more times. It didn’t look like Kimmy was having fun, because she was by my car door, tapping her foot with her arms crossed. By then it was already 5:00, and I could tell that I was either gonna get laid or get a slap in the face.

Well, I got the slap in the face. It’s not my fault she didn’t like to go down slides…

Good news ladies, I’m STILL available! ::wink::

(This is a work of fiction, by the way)

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