If I Ruled The World

If I ruled the world, the first thing I’d do is put toilets on every street corner. If there aren’t any streets somewhere, they’ll just be built in a random place! Its good for dogs because they need a place to drink, and pee and poop if they like!

If theres ever a fire, the firefighters can just drop an end of the hose into the flush hole thingy and put out fires! There’ll also be a new job, called “flusher.” It’ll increase the work force of people that are homeless. They can just go over and flush a toilet that needs to be flushed, and get paid 10 bucks for doing a job well done. Speaking of homeless people, they can take baths, drink, or whatever with the toilet!

There will be a new government force of plumbers that will fix all the toilets when they are broken. If a store doesn’t let you go poopoo or peepee or take a bath in their toilet because you’re “not a customer” there are enough toilets for everyone! By the way, there are no walls or anything, just the toilet.

If you steal any of the toilets, I’ll come to your house, congratulate you, then break your neck and take all your girl scout cookies and whatnot.

The 2nd thing I would do, will be to get rid of fat smelly Health teachers. You shouldn’t be teaching Health if you’re fat and need to work on personal hygeine. People might think, “Oh, so I can be healthy AND fat and smell!” Nuh uh, no way. We want society to get better, not fatter and smellier, and they’re influencing that!

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