If I Had a Bathroom Key…

If I found a bathroom key to the 7/8 bathrooms, next year i can open the 7/8 bathrooms, which are nicer and cleaner than the ol’ dirty ciggarette smelling high school bathrooms with my very own bathroom key, unless they change all the locks though, then its useless. i could probably get into reg. classrooms with the key…but i doubt it. haha…go in there and steal a VCR from a teacher i hate. then i wont have to buy one


i’ll bring a bunch of my friends. we’ll steal the tv, and some more vcrs…probably a few more tvs, but thats when we get a truck, and a few guns, masks, gloves, black clothes, during the night making sure there are no janitors out on the prowel

but, then again, if its just a bathroom key…all we can steal is a towel roll, the knobs on the faucets, and break the towel dispensor

hehe…i’d like to see those stupid new 8th graders use those faucets…

pee all over the mirrors too. when they look in the mirror at their reflection

ohh boy!

they’ll either try to wipe it off to see a clearer view of them or something. hehe….also take the toilet flusher handle thingys off the high powered “toilets.” i mean…you have to have some pretty big pieces of shit to use a high powered toilet

…so we’ll take those off, not like anybody uses them anyway

and if anybody DOES use them…they’ll be in for a surprise they’ll probably have to use a stick they found outside jam it into where the handle used to be and try and flush it without breaking the stick.


we’ll also take the doors to the toilets. no one uses them toilets, so why do they need doors? and….we’ll take the handles off the urinals

are you even listening?

well, anyway

then we’d go to the men’s bathroom which is much more nicer, so we’ll fuck that up more then go to the girls bathroom do the same crap, but on the door to the bathroom we’ll spray paint “no pussies aloud” and on the door of the toilets, we wont take those because they deserve their privacy…


then we’d go to the women’s bathroom and equally fuck that up

but 7 times more


i wonder what the charge for all of that would be if we got caught..

anyway, that would be cool

we’d probably get 98 counts of vandalism, give or take a few hundred counts…we’ll also get 5 consecutive lifetimes in prison or a few dozen more…

hehe…that would be cool…

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