#7652: Bklynzballer -> Holmes

This took place on July 25, 2001.

Bklynzballer: why are you suck a d*ck

Bklynzballer: tracy said she wants ure mom….IN BED!……

Holmes: i want your mom

Holmes: in bed

Holmes: shes hot

Bklynzballer: sure…

Bklynzballer: anytime..

Holmes: we’ll trade tommorow

Holmes: k?

Holmes: ben is going to kick your ass

Bklynzballer: sure he is..

Holmes: so is james

Bklynzballer: i fucked ihis ass all night

Holmes: hey: It’s adam and eve not adam and steve

Bklynzballer: thats right

Holmes: your nasty i bet you screwed a dog before too

Bklynzballer: thats right

Bklynzballer: and bens ass

Holmes: how about a half cat and half dog

Bklynzballer: yup

Bklynzballer: catdog

Holmes: which end did you screw

Bklynzballer: i made them staight

Holmes: did you screw the dog or did you screw the cat

Bklynzballer: both

Holmes: which one was first

Holmes: you man whore! i just found out your a nymphomaniac

Holmes: ha you don’t even know what that word means do you

Bklynzballer: thats rite

Holmes: it means your GAY, you hear me? G-A-Y

Holmes: YOUR MOTHER COULDN”T EVEN LOVE YOU, thats how gay you are

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