Popeye Song #7249

I’m Karly The Wicked Bitch

I Can Tell That You All Suck Dick

So Shut The Fuck Up Before I Bust Up A Nut

I’m Karly The Wicked Bitch


I’m One Tough Gazookus

Who Hates All You loozas

I Ain’t Puttin Up With No Shit

I Bitchs ‘Em And cuffs ‘Em

And Always Out Roughs ‘Em

And None Of ‘Em Gets Nowhere


If Anyone Dares To Risk My “Fisk”

It’s “Cuff”An It’s “Wham”Un’erstan?

So Keep “Good Be-hav-or”

And Stop Diss’n The Sailor

Popeye The Sailor Man.


so do you all understand now???

this is my song and i just wrote it up now so FUCK off and leave poor popeye alone or….


I’ll bitchs ‘Em And cuffs ‘Em

And i Always Out Roughs ‘Em

And Find Out Where Y’all Live!! BITCH!!

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