The Nancy Way Song

Written in conjunction with elmoisfurry. Sung to the song about the monkey and the pants… and uhhhhhhhh…you know the song with the music…

I live on Nancy Way

My pants are full of hay

I have to pee

I have to poo

Oh my god…

Fuck you,

Down here on Nancy Way!

I don’t like it here

Its really gay

Everyone lives on a pier

Down here on Nancy Way!

(insert dancing girls that take off their clothes and dance)

(when the dancing girls stop, they all must fart at the same time, or shoot them)

Lets do a tap dance

Lets do a Riverdance

Or maybe a Polka Dance

Down here on Nancy Way!



The peanut butter sticks in my paw

Down here on Nancy Way!


Oh haha

Jing jang

walla walla

bing bang!


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