Glenn’s Poem

Girls give table dances you just can’t miss

yet the hallways in the club stank like piss

Everyone wonders what the Rock is cooking

A fly flew into the pot when the Rock wasn’t looking

Mickey Mouse is gay and everyone chooses to kiss his butt

He’s been with Minnie for years and still ain’t bust a nut

You always see him with kids but, never condoms

and he has the nerve to call his place the “Magic Kingdom”

Kids flock to him only wanting fun

until he removed his head…It was Michael Jackson

The little kids ran away sad

MJ warned the kids when he said “I’m Bad”

Do you remember the time when we fell in love?

Now, you know why he only wears one glove.

Even though MJ seems kind…

Dont let him come up from behind!

I wouldn’t let him near a kid of mine

Should have know that man had troubles…

When he named his monkey…Bubbles

but MJ gets in the mood when he see’s his monkey, bubbles

thats when he goes to look for kids to play

and after looking all day

He gave me a check in which I deposit

I told what he really did in the Closet

He’s world famous and has trunks full of cash

yet, he spends his time chasing a little boy’s ass

neither can Bill when Monica is between his knees

I know Monica will never forget this….giving blowjobs in the Oral..err Oval Office

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