My Bitch

There you stand

Like a dumb ass

As you feel the back of my hand

Across your ugly ass face

There aint a damn thing you can do

You know the words so sing

And eat my poo

Don’t take it like a man

Don’t take it like a ho

Getting pimp slapped, oh no

‘Cause you aint my ho

And I aint your pimp

No one would want to fuck you

‘Cause you ugly and have a gimp

So what you gonna do?

Take it like a bitch

That’s right

‘Cause you MY bitch

I’m right

And don’t bitch

Uh huh

About bein’ my bitch

Wuh huh

Be proud to be my bitch

Shoo be do whap

You stupid bitch

Wooby dooby scooby dooby do whap

That’s right, ’cause you MY BITCH!

Now get down and suck it, bitch.

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