Flip Flop –

Flip Flop –

the VCR wobbled to the TV –

and talked – to the remote Remote – Control –

the TV – it snowed – like there was no Tomorrow –


The VCR shut off the TV –

he wobbled to the Radio –

the Radio – it said “go away” – like a grumpy old man –

the Radio screeched at the VCR – as it wobbled away –


Flip Flop –

Ball in the closet – bounced up and down –

and as it came – to a halt – it frowned –

for It had no way – to hop –


Flip Flop –

the only thing that Flip Flopped –

in the house –

was only a – Crazy old mouse –


The VCR ate a tape –

like it was a grape – on a vine

and played it – showing it on –

the snowy TV –


What it showed –

was nothing more – than a video

of a man –

a man who bounced a – Ball – two times


The end of the tape –

was just more – Snow

Snow it was – and all it showed

was snow – forever –

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