Table Chairs

Table Chairs

Table Chairs

rolling down a hill

oh look, there’s a red one

then theres a poo!

oh no!

oh no!

i peed my pants!

poopoo has joined the party

Damn! I gotta shit!

Shit shit shit!

I can’t hold it no more

Better just let it go

and have a 10 pound sack

and a big brown stain in my gray pantyhose

Maybe my pantyhose will rip

maybe i should grip

the poop, coming out of my bowells

oh lookit me

I wear a blouse!

Now everyone can see me,

now everyone is going to pee on me,

I guess I should never have gone

to that All-Girls school

I’m so full of poopies, I can’t hold back

I should just jump off a cliff

and get it all figured out

bye! and send stuff to squackle too!

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