Mr. Mister

Mr. Mister is the meanest mister in all the lands.

He hands out sour cream, instead of yogurt

He isn’t the richest person

But he is still a mean person


He rapes all the towns grapes

And sometimes he hangs off my drapes!

But for some reason

He is very popular among the peasants


He flies in his luxury plane

He got it from the future

I wonder why he did that

It must cost a lot of pennies!


One day he went to the grocery store

And the grocery clerk was really board

So Mr. Mister pulled out a hundred

and said do you have change?


The grocery clerk said yes and gave him 4 20s

Mr. Mister shook his head and said

no, no, in pennies,

I must buy a kitty


It must not be very nice

to have lice

while your rolling dice

in the rice

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