Mrs. DYKE Conversation: Puppies

Note: this didn’t really happen, this is just what we think she would say if we talked to her

davepoobond: “hello Mrs. DYKE! do you like puppies?”

Mrs. DYKE: “why, yes, I was taking a shower for 15 minutes and I thought about a puppy!”

davepoobond: “….”

(Mrs. DYKE sticks her tongue out and bites it)

davepoobond: “ew!”

Mrs. DYKE: “did you do your Regional Studies homework?”

davepoobond: “…no!”

Mrs. DYKE: “why NOT!!??!!?”

davepoobond: “my parents threw out the newspaper already. I don’t want to make a ‘current events wall’ anyway!”

Mrs. DYKE: “You don’t like my idea????”

davepoobond: “Hell no, bitch”


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