#6110: ccan -> adidasdrgn

ccan: hi

ccan: im sudan husane

adidasdrgn: k

ccan: can i sniff your underwear like micheal jackson”

adidasdrgn: the name rings a bell but otherwise, i don’t know you

ccan: yes you do im sudan husane

adidasdrgn: right…

ccan: yes

ccan: u makin fun of me?

adidasdrgn: maybe

ccan: okay well thats not nice

ccan: u odnt wanna mess with sudan husane

adidasdrgn: i don’t even know sudan husane

ccan: ooh u dont! thats baddd

adidasdrgn: so who is this sudan?

ccan: a very famouse man who tried to bomb the world

adidasdrgn: o Y2k?

ccan: no

adidasdrgn: o

adidasdrgn: so what then?

ccan: i tried to bomb the world!!

adidasdrgn: sure

adidasdrgn: anyway, asl?

ccan: u ask me that ill blow u up

adidasdrgn: ok a secret person ic

adidasdrgn: nevermind

ccan: yes

ccan: id have to kill you if i told you

adidasdrgn: o

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