#6057: stimpyismyname -> Astro

stimpyismyname: u like to play games?

Astro: Yes

Astro: Yes I do.

stimpyismyname: hey

stimpyismyname: thats great

Astro: Hi

Astro: Yes it is

stimpyismyname: yes

Astro: Mm-hmm!:-)

stimpyismyname: mm hmm

stimpyismyname: ChristopherSoft

stimpyismyname: go there

stimpyismyname: its great

Astro: Ook

stimpyismyname: go ther

Astro: Ol

Astro: *ok

stimpyismyname: sign the guestbook

stimpyismyname: tell your friends

Astro: kk

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