#5970: Mousehunter -> MyLeftTesticle

Mousehunter: so you say you have a code for nascar 2003

MyLeftTesticle: Yes I do.

Mousehunter: can i please know what it is

MyLeftTesticle: What code do you need? I got them all.

MyLeftTesticle: They call me the codemaster.

Mousehunter: unlock all would be nice

MyLeftTesticle: Hm. First, you need the key.

Mousehunter: ok

MyLeftTesticle: You gotta know how to work it first.

Mousehunter: ok whats the key

MyLeftTesticle: You gotta insert something into the car before you race…

Mousehunter: ok

MyLeftTesticle: If you can get it in just right and turn it and push it in a few hundred times and turn it some more it should come unlocked.

Mousehunter: how do i get the key

MyLeftTesticle: Getting the key is simple…

MyLeftTesticle: You have to beat the whole game, every track with every car, 5 times perfectly.

Mousehunter: oh ok

MyLeftTesticle: Then…

MyLeftTesticle: You have to switch it to reverse-mirror mode…

MyLeftTesticle: That makes the cars go backwards on a reversed track.

MyLeftTesticle: You have to do only win one race with one car in under 20 seconds to get the key.

Mousehunter: ok

Mousehunter: thanks bye

MyLeftTesticle: No problem, buddy.

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