#5966: Daisy -> MyLeftTesticle

Daisy: i saw you

MyLeftTesticle: So?

MyLeftTesticle: I saw me too

Daisy: lol

Daisy: . . .

MyLeftTesticle: What?

MyLeftTesticle: So, you saw me…And your point is?

Daisy: . . . .

Daisy: I don’t understand you

MyLeftTesticle: Me either…I don’t understand me a lot

MyLeftTesticle: Welcome to the club

Daisy: ok

MyLeftTesticle: Hey

MyLeftTesticle: Guess what

MyLeftTesticle: Dude

Daisy: what

MyLeftTesticle: You and me, we’re cool about things, right?

Daisy: about what?

MyLeftTesticle: About whatever

Daisy: i have no idea what you are talking about

MyLeftTesticle: Like, friends…

Daisy: okay yah

MyLeftTesticle: So, we can talk about anything, right?

Daisy: sure ….

Daisy: depends what is this about

MyLeftTesticle: Do you have a birthmark in the shape of Argentina?

Daisy: i have no idea what your talking about again

MyLeftTesticle: You know what I mean.

Daisy: no i have no idea

MyLeftTesticle: Yes, you do.

Daisy: no

MyLeftTesticle: How come you liked me?

Daisy: i didnt

Daisy: as a friend

Daisy: your physcopath sister

Daisy: always thought i did

MyLeftTesticle: Eh, my sister was always pretty stupid…

MyLeftTesticle: Why did she think that?

Daisy: cuz we were friends

MyLeftTesticle: Hmm…

MyLeftTesticle: You never did like me?

Daisy: just as a friend

Daisy: stop asking me

Daisy: im going to put u on block

MyLeftTesticle: What are you talking about?

Daisy: here I’ll show you

MyLeftTesticle: huh?


Then she goes on to ignore me…Dumb bitch…

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