#5954: twinlover -> Ju§t1n

twinlover: hey a/s/l

Ju§t1n: 16/m/LA

Ju§t1n: u?

twinlover: 18/f/az

Ju§t1n: really?

twinlover: yeah y

Ju§t1n: y? you asked for my asl so i asked for yours

twinlover: am I too old for u or what

Ju§t1n: no your ok

Ju§t1n: your moving to fast

Ju§t1n: are u there?

twinlover: huh what

Ju§t1n: how can you be too old for me?

Ju§t1n: are you blind?

Ju§t1n: can you read this?

Ju§t1n: do i ask too many questions?

Ju§t1n: am i annoying you?

Ju§t1n: can you give me an answer?

Ju§t1n: are you ok?

Ju§t1n: are you there?

Ju§t1n: must i repeat myself?

twinlover: no

twinlover: I am here sorry

Ju§t1n: so what are you doing?

twinlover: talkn to a friend

twinlover: u

Ju§t1n: well more like 3 over here

twinlover: kool

twinlover: got a gf

Ju§t1n: no

Ju§t1n: do you have a gf?

twinlover: not at the moment

Ju§t1n: will you have a girlfriend soon?

twinlover: no but I might have a bf soon maybe

twinlover: u

Ju§t1n: i have no boyfriends but i DO have a groom. Were getting married.

twinlover: what say that again

twinlover: ur how old

Ju§t1n: 29

Ju§t1n: i must have made a typo earlier

twinlover: male or female

Ju§t1n: both

twinlover: u r confusing me

Ju§t1n: am I?

twinlover: yeah

Ju§t1n: are you?

twinlover: both what do u mean

Ju§t1n: shimmy

twinlover: I am a female only

Ju§t1n: well that can be changed

twinlover: what the hell is wrong with u

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