#5924: YoursTruly -> Holmes

YoursTruly: `ello

YoursTruly: hehe

Holmes: hey hows life

YoursTruly: bad

YoursTruly: guess who this is!!

YoursTruly: heehee

Holmes: i knew that

YoursTruly: guess

Holmes: oh the sister

YoursTruly: its not poopy old bethany

YoursTruly: yeppyepp

YoursTruly: heehee

Holmes: i knew it

YoursTruly: she has got a lot of ppl on her buddy list

YoursTruly: how???

Holmes: uhh

Holmes: i dunno

YoursTruly: bethany is not as hypper as me??

YoursTruly: thats what EVERYONE says!!

YoursTruly: well they can go poop on their head

Holmes: i…can’t…imagine…why

YoursTruly: i like the word poop

YoursTruly: how about you???

Holmes: poop

YoursTruly: lol

YoursTruly: you still own that store???

Holmes: Arts and Entertainment – RhydinCheapNSave

Holmes: darn tootin

YoursTruly: bethany got so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o mad at me when i told her i got on her s\n

Holmes: hahahhaha

YoursTruly: yeh she screamed at me!!!

Holmes: sahhaHAHSHSAD

YoursTruly: said she was gonna kill me if i did it again

YoursTruly: did you know she almost killed someone once

Holmes: i won’t tell ::cross fingers::

Holmes: wow

Holmes: thats scary

YoursTruly: yea she hold every thing in side so when she gets mad she get mad

YoursTruly: i know

Holmes: …

YoursTruly: so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o

YoursTruly: guess what i am eating!!

Holmes: cheese pizza

Holmes: poop

YoursTruly: lol

YoursTruly: nope ice cream!

YoursTruly: oh no

YoursTruly: bethany is home!!!!

Holmes: uh oh

YoursTruly: what do i do?

YoursTruly: i will say i didnt mean too

Holmes: get life insurance

YoursTruly: i thought it was my s\n at first

YoursTruly: lol

YoursTruly: she is coming

Holmes: write your will there time left!

YoursTruly: What did she tell you?

YoursTruly: she exed out the convo

Holmes: ..uh…

YoursTruly: what did she say?

Holmes: …she said your the nicest person in the world

Holmes: and that she’d NEVER EVER mean to switch to your screen name

Holmes: did you beat her up

YoursTruly: no…………

YoursTruly: tell me the truth

YoursTruly: i g2g bye

YoursTruly: tell me the truth later

Holmes: k

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