#5920: Holmes -> DaBratt

Holmes: spam it

DaBratt: WHAT?

Holmes: i didn’t stutter i said S-P-A-M-I-T


Holmes: i’m your uncles sisters daughters mothers fathers sons hairdressers sisters brothers stocbrockers uncle, you should know me


Holmes: don’t go there girlfriend

DaBratt: SHUT UP

Holmes: talk to the computer screen cause my speakers ain’t listenin…

DaBratt: SHUT UP

Holmes: can’t we be friends? i’m taking a poll

Holmes: Question #1: Do you speak Zulu?

DaBratt: NO

Holmes: Question #2: How do they make jello green?

Holmes: Question #3: Coke or Pepsi or Glue?

Holmes: These are serious questions, i need them fr my class…

Holmes: Argh just ANSWER THE QUESTIONS and i’ll leave you alone…

Holmes: fine, i see how it is….

Holmes: i try to be nice, all nice and nice and stuff and this is what i get in return? I’m killing myself

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