#5902: WhackNuts -> SoccerGirl


She doesnt talk much, she was just complainin bought her day and id had enough of it : )

WhackNuts: on the way to school i was flying on my hoverboard and i hit a small pont sitting in the road, in fear of geting a ticket i fled from the scene and than i ran into a leperchaun, unbeknownest to me this leperchaun

WhackNuts: was up to no good, not to mention the fact that he was jsut a drug induced hillucinayion, he told me to wear my pants on my head and my shirt on my legs

WhackNuts: i reluctantly agree=d and casually made my way to school

WhackNuts: at which time i was hit on by a three legged gypsie passing through the forest

WhackNuts: i disagreed to his passes on me and made my way to the gym

WhackNuts: we played a good old game of kick the can in gym until i tripped on the can and fell on my fout=rth digit

WhackNuts: i was writhing until the lsd kicked in and took me to the office

WhackNuts: i wouldnt agree to any furhter treatment adn i made my way to DECA

WhackNuts: we caught up on old times and realized that i ahd my right arm in the left leg of my pants, HOW EMBARASING THIS WAS

WhackNuts: i ran shreeking to my math room and than was greeted by a lenghty examination which consisted of pie baking and dog health food

WhackNuts: i definitely failed that

WhackNuts: i went to modern worls until i realized that i live in the modern world and i dont need to learn about it so i left class and was shot in the ass

WhackNuts: i ate my lunch consisting of slugs and caviar when i tried to purchase a pop

WhackNuts: my soda became stuck in the machine and so i stuck my arm in the machine

WhackNuts: my arm became lodged in this narrow area but ive been in tighter situationd than that so i jsut made my way to the rest room and lubed my arm with soap

WhackNuts: it popped out as if nothing happened and i made my way to english

WhackNuts: i was already late so i had to sing barney songs well standing on my head to be forgiven

WhackNuts: i than made my way to spanish after this humiliation and realized i could not speak any languages

WhackNuts: i made my way to bio a mere hour later and slipped and was knocked unconcious

WhackNuts: i than woke up only to be surrounded by a large group of gnomes but they let me go because i know the magic password, (which i cannot tell)

WhackNuts: i than made my way back home only to arrive at a large flagpole that i entered

WhackNuts: and it turned out the flagpole shape was jsut an illusion

WhackNuts: and thats how i got here\

WhackNuts: ur day wasnt so bad now was it??????

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