#5882: Phoenix -> Hawk Eye

Phoenix: Want a funny picture in your head?

Hawk Eye: ok

Phoenix: A one on one battle… between bards..

Hawk Eye: LoL

Phoenix: Can you imagine the threats?

Phoenix: “I’ll make your ears bledd!”

Hawk Eye: I’ll serenad you to sleep

Phoenix: You and what chorus?

Hawk Eye: Chant this!

Hawk Eye: I’ll pop your Harp strings!!

Phoenix: Alright, this will be your undoing! Concherto crash!

Hawk Eye: My Devestating Larengitis Beam

Phoenix: You’ll never beat me and my legendarry, Muscalibur!

Hawk Eye: face the Wrath of MasaMUTE

Hawk Eye: you tone deaf Bastard

Phoenix: Why you spoony wannabe bard!

Hawk Eye: huh!!! You you you BACK UP SINGER!!!!

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