#5871: Squall -> BballSparkle

Squall: Whats up my nig?

BballSparkle: nothing at all…. and hate to break it to ya. .i;m white

Squall: Ohh so your racist now?

BballSparkle: no…..

BballSparkle: I am just stating

Squall: So i cant be like whats up my nig anymore?

BballSparkle: ok u can… I am sorry

Squall: ITs not your fualt i was just making sure you didnt have long hair

BballSparkle: umm… ok

BballSparkle: lol

Squall: IF i told ypou i was racist against dead people would you hate me?

BballSparkle: ummm u mean biased??

Squall: No prejudised

BballSparkle: there ya go

Squall: No there you go

BballSparkle: u told me

Squall: They got cookies in this line….HOLLA


BballSparkle: I am ??

Squall: You are??

BballSparkle: right

Squall: So you play Bball?

BballSparkle: yeah

Squall: DO you spark while doing it?

BballSparkle: u knwo it

Squall: LIke dribble spark dribble spark

BballSparkle: well u could put it that way?

Squall: Ohh did you ever light the gym on fire?

BballSparkle: only the one time

Squall: amn you

BballSparkle: I know… it

Squall: Did you extinguish it?

BballSparkle: no… the other team did.. considering I smoked them

Squall: You smoked them??

BballSparkle: yeah ??

Squall: Did you get high?

BballSparkle: did u?

Squall: No did you

BballSparkle: no

Squall: You smoked a whole team and didnt get high?

BballSparkle: I havea high tolerance

Squall: Did you inhale?

BballSparkle: gtg ….

Squall: aight

Squall: Peace out my nig

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