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jamescrapbond Scluckle! One of the funniest sites on the net! 22/May/2001:14:29:34
This is the leader of Squackles Arch enemy website: “Scluckle”

you may have foiled our plans SQUACKLE MAN! but we are planning a tv-
series type revenge plan thats crazy and ends up threatning to destroy
the world which is bound to be destroyed by SQUACKLE MAN! every time we
come up with a plan like this! So be prepared for a sequence of threats
that will be eventually ruined by SQUACKLE MAN! and once again the day
will be saved!

Threat – The Internet will be ours! Quick scluckle men, to Al Gore’s
house, we must destroy the creator first!

With Love and Care and best wishes, The team of Scluckle:
jamescrapbond, renismyname, MyRightTesticle, ear, elmaismad, cako the
portuguse porker, watson and taco homeless-man

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