Hate Mail #18863: A Letter From Simona

Hello Dave,

I wrote to you two years ago regarding an entry on your dictionary on Squackle.com. The entry is “<censored>“.

I have a huge sense of humour (even though I’m Italian) but I do really think this description on Internet could defame my husband’s name.

So…would you please to remove it soon or do I have to feel seriously motivated to sue you and your blogsite to the Authorities?

Please, let me know. I’m not joking, this time!


davepoobond’s response:


Sorry, but I never received your initial e-mail 2 years ago. It was probably hotmail’s spam filter that ate it.

Thank you for threatening me with legal/authoritical action.

The fact is that “<censored>” is probably not even the <censored> that you are married to unless he is the also akin to Harry Potter.

I will, however, take the name off since because you have supposedly taken offense to it. Know that I am not the one who came up with the word, so you should find out who hates your husband.

Thanks for being a repeat visitor!

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