The GhettoStyle Language

This translates only some things from English to GhettoStyle





Hello   SniffSniffAchoo
How are you today?   ZeenZamGrandMicho?
Go to Hell   Sleepwitbillclinton
Cow   Jomama
Socially Active Grizzly Bear   Davebondneedsomecheez
Holmes   Sem Loh Hol Mes
Raistlin Emeryk   Germanraisin
F**k You   I like you
Dave Bond   Jaimequierotacos
Stupid   Cool
Fat Jamaicans   Gluttonmon
Pokemon   Poke-A-Man
Slappy   Jodada
Cheese   Lookatmeimretarded
Carrottop   God
Some Fat Guy   Evilfatgluttons
I am Using this Language   Ladaeadwsrmndshjkddhjdsfhdfhadshjf,zfhjlfjldjdfjaf
Gibberish   fdklfdsdsjl;fdjdskjdskdjfdkfjdsfdsl
Fart   FFFFFFFFFFFFFFffffffffffffFFFFFFFFfffffffff
Beef-a-roni   Mmmmbeef
LOL   LearningOnLeans
ROFLMAO   ReadingOnFonicsListeniningMostlyAtOffies
BRB   BreakRBack
  This is now an official language

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