#10742: MadManWithAnAxe -> Holmes

MadManWithAnAxe: FUN FACT!: It’s mean to name your kid Fuckface.

Holmes: ha

Holmes: how true

Holmes: and yet…

Holmes: how hilarious

MadManWithAnAxe: hehe

MadManWithAnAxe: FUN FACT!: All the money in the world can’t buy your dignity back if someone videotapes you trying to give oral pleasure to a lawn gnome.

Holmes: damn there goes all my hopes for my dignity back

MadManWithAnAxe: FUN FACT!: Polar bears do not like complimentary ass massages.

Holmes: have you tried it? don’t knock it until you try it

MadManWithAnAxe: hahaha

MadManWithAnAxe: FUN FACT!: If you’re going to attempt to stick your head up someone elses anal cavity, it’s probably in your best interest to wear goggles.

Holmes: well that brings new meaning to the term: i can’t see shit

MadManWithAnAxe: HAHA

MadManWithAnAxe: FUN FACT!: It’s not against the law to put a litter of kittens into your mouth…but it should be.

Holmes: whats wrong with eating more then one pussy at once?

MadManWithAnAxe: HEH

MadManWithAnAxe: FUN FACT!: A human face doesn’t taste as good as I thought it would.

Holmes: oh well..theres always hope in eating a dogs face

MadManWithAnAxe: FUN FACT!: I’ll bet everyone without legs has a funny story to tell.

Holmes: hah…uncle benny cut his legs off because we wouldn’t feed him his second dinner!

MadManWithAnAxe: hehehehe, that’s great

MadManWithAnAxe: FUN FACT!: Just because the space-gnomes inside your head tell you to, it’s never a good idea to staple yourself to pogo stick and yell “BEWARE!: I AM POGO-BOY, THE MOST POWERFUL BEING IN THE UNIVERSE!” People might think you’re crazy.

Holmes: it’s sooo typical of people to judge me just because i am pogo-boy…will the racism ever end?

MadManWithAnAxe: HEH

MadManWithAnAxe: FUN FACT!: You may think it’s cool to dress up in hot pants and a ten gallon hat and attend random people’s funeruls and sing 80’s style karaoke , but you’re really just making an ass out of yourself.

Holmes: ….NOW you tell me

MadManWithAnAxe: FUN FACT!: I wouldn’t exactly know from experience, but I’ll bet it’s pretty hard to hide a penguin in your ass.

Holmes: well, sorry to burst your bubble, but remeber hearing about penny, the famous penguin that ran away from the circus? guess where he is…

MadManWithAnAxe: :-DHAHAHA

MadManWithAnAxe: FUN FACT!: You’d think having sex with a mattress would be more satisfying than it actually is.

Holmes: water bed’s are oh so sexy!

MadManWithAnAxe: FUN FACT!: It’s never a good idea to masturbate and ski at the same time.

Holmes: oh yeah…oh yeah i’m coming…i’m coming…i’m com- *splat* poor joe, took a whole box of viagra before he went skiing…and hit a tree…what a way to go…

MadManWithAnAxe: hah

MadManWithAnAxe: FUN FACT!: Just because you have the means to fit a midget into your ass, doesn’t make it right.

Holmes: well…penny needed a friend


MadManWithAnAxe: ;-)that was good

MadManWithAnAxe: you should be famous

Holmes: heh i doubt i could be

Holmes: damn i hate when people IM you when your typing a sentence

MadManWithAnAxe: FUN FACT!: Sex with a microwave isn’t very pleasurable.

Holmes: that’s because your only suppose to do anal

MadManWithAnAxe: FUN FACT!: To be impaled on a toothbrush…that’s gotta be a crappy way to die.

Holmes: not as crappy as dieing in someone’s ass

MadManWithAnAxe: FUN FACT!: All the drugs in the world cannot equal the fun of poking a hobo with a sharpened stick.

Holmes: poking a hobo who’s on all the drugs in the world at once with a sharp stick, now that’s FUNNY!

MadManWithAnAxe: hehe

MadManWithAnAxe: FUN FACT!: Injecting anti-freeze into your scrotum may make people think you’re cool, but what would your parents think?

Holmes: well, i perfer my penis NOT to shrivel up when it’s cold…people will think i’m on the “short” side

MadManWithAnAxe: heeeeeeeey, that’s actually not a bad idea

Holmes: yeah…now if only i could stop my nipples from getting hard…

MadManWithAnAxe: FUN FACT!: If you’re eating a sandwich, and the sandwich starts mumbling at you in Latin, it’s probably best just to put it down and just walk away.

Holmes: but first kill it before it plans to take over the world…and steal it’s tomatos

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