#10299: stimpyismyname -> lita / davepoobond -> lita

stimpyismyname: helllllo

lita: hi

stimpyismyname: whats happenin

lita: nmu??

stimpyismyname: same…

lita: kool

stimpyismyname: havin fun online/

stimpyismyname: mmm hmmm

lita: 🙂

stimpyismyname: :-!

lita: lol

stimpyismyname: ok

lita: so…

stimpyismyname: you like…. stuff?

lita: yea

stimpyismyname: hah

stimpyismyname: cool

stimpyismyname: u like dildos

stimpyismyname: aha

stimpyismyname: ha…

stimpyismyname: im BORED

lita: me 2

stimpyismyname: so

stimpyismyname: do you?

lita: do i wat

stimpyismyname: like didlos

stimpyismyname: bye

stimpyismyname: heres my bro

lita: bye

lita: ok

lita: …

davepoobond gets on the computer.

davepoobond: i like dildos

davepoobond: i’m david johnson, just to tell you

lita: o

davepoobond: do you like dildos

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