WoW Chat #23106: Wingqt -> Xingua

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Kingslayers Ruin Raiding

Wingqt: can i raid with you guys this week?

Xingua: no

Wingqt: damn sonnnn

Wingqt: no loveeee

Wingqt: put the app in and everything :((

Xingua: your app was lazy, your gear and experience arn’t great, and you’re only in the guild cuz a friend asked us to invite you

Xingua: we are a serious raiding guild

Wingqt: killing KJ pre patch isnt experience?

Wingqt: and my app was lazy?

Wingqt: what is this a job?

Xingua: you never even went back to look at it after posting

Xingua: and now you assume because you posted it, you automatically get to come?

Wingqt: Somewhat, yea.

Xingua: sorry, that’s not how this works

Wingqt: thats how it worked at level 70

Wingqt: before kingslayers

Wingqt: you app to a guild

Wingqt: show up before the raid

Wingqt: try your best

Wingqt: and prove yourself

Xingua: ask diesel if you need a better understanding of how we work

Wingqt: but i guess kingslayers like you ruined raiding

Wingqt: 🙁

Xingua: I’ve been raiding since BC

Xingua: and you’re begging me to carry you

Xingua: seriously, you’re going to talk shit?

Wingqt: how so

Wingqt: how am i begging to get carroed

Wingqt: carried

Wingqt: i do 40k + dps

Wingqt: but you wouldn’t know that

Wingqt: because you havent raided with me ONCE

Wingqt: Pve nerd.


WoW Chat #23109

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Kingslayers Ruin Raiding

In World of Warcraft, we are in a dungeon

Voltress: buffs

During the first fight, the mage stands in water that keeps hurting him.

Voltress: get out fo the water mage ffs

Tremr: sorry lol never done this one before

Voltress: well think about it

Voltress: you keep taking damage

Voltress: must be somthing

Dauer: lmao

Voltress: plus the words say wwater evil when you start the boss fight

Voltress: you know in teh message screen down there or across the screen if you have DBM

Cnredy: first time here?

Tremr: yeah

Voltress: dungeon jounral

Voltress: read the boss fights thats the point of it

Voltress: DBM

Voltress: agro meters

Voltress: full expalintions of fights

Voltress: or even say hi i dotn know this fight

Voltress: basics people basics

davepoobond: you kingslayers always ruin raiding

Voltress: y

Voltress: casue we do a little reading

Voltress: and sepak up

Voltress: if we dont know somthing

Dauer: ^^

Voltress: switch DK FFS

Voltress: 7 stack swtich

Voltress: fuck me dead

Voltress: people

Voltress: once again it says hey dont hit it

Voltress: and it get smalle

Voltress: do you people read grrr

Dauer: i switch at 8

Dauer: look up

Cnredy: focus on ur healing

Voltress: my healing is fine

Voltress: no

Voltress: deaths lol

davepoobond: stop ruining raiding

Dauer: oops cant switch at 8 ZOMG

Voltress: this is not a raid

Voltress: in a riad i would have ripped you a shinter

Voltress: hehe

Voltress: green stuff bad on this boss

Dauer: i dont know what a shinter is but ok

Voltress: big waves are bad

Voltress: pull the lot tank

Voltress: might wanna move from teh middle to guys

Voltress: water please

Voltress: ty

Voltress: burn it down gogogo

Voltress: mage stack on me

Dauer: pet taunt ftw

Voltress: burn it down gogogo

Voltress: mage stack on me

Dauer: pet taunt ftw

Voltress: standin in shit again mage

Voltress: hehe

Voltress: all learning just need to learn fast

davepoobond: stop ruining raiding

Voltress: thsi is not a raid

Voltress: ????

Voltress: hwo can it be ruined

davepoobond: stop it

Voltress: ???

Voltress: standing in shit is basic game play for a year old

Voltress: asking if you dont knwo somthing is basics for a 3 years old

davepoobond: stop ruining raiding

Dauer: please stack up for this fight for spawns

Tremr: lol

Voltress: th sisi not a raid

davepoobond: you kingslayers always ruin raiding

Dauer: so can aoe and kill them quick

Voltress: r u a parret davepoobond

Cnredy: be nice volt you are annoying

Dauer: kingslayers dont ruin anything

Dauer: people need to l2 read

Voltress: its called situational awareness

Voltress: bah no mace

Dauer: figures wouldnt drop a weapon

Dauer: fml

Tremr: ty for group

Dauer: mage, i know its hard but please pay attention

Tremr: pleas elook up

davepoobond: you ruined raiding

Voltress: lol how do i ruenin raiding

Voltress: this is not a raid you fuck wit

Voltress: l2 play

davepoobond: you kingslayers always ruin raiding

He was wearing the Kingslayers title. He didn’t notice I was wearing it too — it was an inside joke in our guild and I never explained it to him.