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Squackle.com is a humor site, presented using WordPress. The original Squackle.com was a web site that was plagued with problems, biggest of all being bad presentation of content. It was started in 1999 by a group of friends, headed by davepoobond. It was meant to be a comedy web site full of content they had created, but soon came to encompass multiple types of humor.

After jumping from free hosting site to free hosting site as the content of the site grew, www.squackle.com was purchased (a goal to the original group), davepoobond assumed control over all the content that was being displayed on the web site and began to make it more towards a vision of a huge humor content archive.  The free hosting sites that Squackle has been represented on was Angelfire, Spaceports, and the ArcticNetwork.

The content on the site swelled to the point of it being quite unmanageable by manual HTML and SSI means over the years, which resulted in there being less and less frequent updates as it became apparent that adding a certain amount of dictionary words (alphabetically, by hand) took nearly two hours to integrate into the dictionary, as well as taking way too long to add a page that only had a picture on it. Also, with minimal knowledge of how to actually a design a layout for a web site, the problem couldn’t be solved easily. During this period, davepoobond also began working on the gaming site Gamersmark (now defunct) which also took up a lot of his time.

After a year of trying to find a suitable solution to display a massive amount of content in a manageable way, davepoobond finally decided to go with WordPress, finding that most of the things he wanted to do with the web site had already been conceptualized — it was called a blog. However, the content that would be put up in WordPress is not traditionally blog-like. It is standard humor, just like what was seen on the normal web site with some normal blogging elements.

Squackle.com shows the power of what “free” web site software can do. Everything on the site uses free services (other than web hosting, of course), and shows that there are powerful tools available for use without having to pay for it. The over-encompassing goal of the site is to be a humor archive that contains all the funny things in the world, as well as original content.

Purposes of this web site are as follow:

Archive – Archiving everything in the world that is funny into one web site.  It is a mission that no one has (as far as I know) undertaken to archive every single piece of humor that has ever been conceived.

Original Content – In addition to archiving everything, original content, with a unique style of humor, is also added into the mix.

The goal of Squackle is not necessarily to make money, but to serve as an outlet for creative talents (however creative or not they may be), and if you hate the content I have on my site, then so be it.  I’m not going to change the way I do things unless I want to.  I do this out of my own fun and motivation, and whether I get one visitor a day or five million, I will still do things the way I want to.

Other info about the site:

– If you see a post by “A Squackler” it means that a fan or person submitted a very small amount of content and they have been shoved into a generic user name to signify that the content was submitted to the site and not found or created by myself or someone that actually will have their name portrayed on the site.

– Many posts are identified by their Post ID. If they do not have some sort of unique title, they will simply be noted by their post ID prefaced by what it is (such as “Joke #xxxxx” for a joke). They do not mean that it is, for example, the 5000th joke on the site or whatever. If there is a title, or some sort of identifier, it will be added after the Post ID. The only ID that does not have a prefix (such as “Joke”) will be the Chat Logs section.

– Any names on this web site do not refer to you.  They are all made up.  Please do not think that if there is a full name displayed somewhere on this site that it is you.  It isn’t.

– If you see a piece of content that you believe should have another tag or belongs to a subsection that it isn’t already a part of, you are more than welcome to suggest it in a comment.

– Comments are moderated before being posted to ensure the control of spam comments.  Your comments will most likely be approved in a timely manner as long as they aren’t spam or links to porn or something like that.

– The official colors of Squackle are Orange and Gray with the accent color of White.

– If you notice duplicate content, please leave a comment and notify me that it is the same or very similar to something that is already on the site.

Things we try to make “running gags” of:

  • Making fun of the really small Middle Eastern Arabic Island Country of Bahrain that is off the coast of Saudi Arabia.  Its a kingdom that has an economy driving on the oil reserves it owns.
  • Making fun of blowthetoad.
  • Making fun of ourselves.
  • Dacky references in random places.