Who is your dream guy?

Who is your dream guy?

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One Response to “Who is your dream guy?”

  1. davepoobond Says:

    Comments Left on the Old Poll:

    • full moon 24/7

    • the hobo is so fucking hot i just wanna go over and fuck his sexy brains out!!!!!1 j/k i lik e none of those guys

    • ooo, ooo! Anybody not related to me is hot!!

    • it’s not darth vader because the bum is from the planet klingon

    • damn.. that darth vader… hes so hot… ***

    • Bums are so scary i got hobophobia

    • Call me crazy but shouldn’t Bob Barker be on this list. The nerve!

    • how gay!

    • ok ladies darth vader can use the force!!! hello.. whoever didnt get that is fucking and idiot

    • darth vader, bitches!!!

    • I am gayyyy

    • Is Darth that country dude with the large head? Or is he the guy who isn’t Wayne in Wayne’s World?

    • oooh yeah.. shits getting hott now..*stripper music*

    • shake shake shake shake shake shake shake your butty shake you butty shack your butty

    • bums make me horny……….naked bums

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