#6001: Berrybud -> stimpyismyname

Berrybud: heybabe

stimpyismyname: yo

Berrybud: whuts ^

stimpyismyname: nothin

Berrybud: hows hieghtd

stimpyismyname: ?

Berrybud: ***ahhs

stimpyismyname: alright then

Berrybud: wat

stimpyismyname: we want the funk

stimpyismyname: gotta have the funk

stimpyismyname: we need the funk

Berrybud: alxright then are you drunk

stimpyismyname: lets have the funk

Berrybud: oik then

stimpyismyname: “It’s about time you arrived, Mr. Snaggle”

stimpyismyname: hah

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