#5999: Berrybud -> stimpyismyname

Berrybud: you suck …………hard

stimpyismyname: you smell…………bad

Berrybud: you like to sick ducks

stimpyismyname: you like to smell your smelly self

Berrybud: six pac

stimpyismyname: 2pac

Berrybud: i love that song

Berrybud: *singer

stimpyismyname: :-!

Berrybud: jk

stimpyismyname: :-!

Berrybud: shut the f up

stimpyismyname: bite me

Berrybud: love to

stimpyismyname: then do it

Berrybud: *rrrrrr*

stimpyismyname: haha

Berrybud: lol

Berrybud: hey jeffyj its mo

stimpyismyname: hi

Berrybud: brooke says u sick guys ducks

Berrybud: but ur cool wit me

stimpyismyname: brooke smells too

stimpyismyname: hahaha

Berrybud: brooke wont let u bite her

stimpyismyname: she doesnt have a choice

Berrybud: she say ok

Berrybud: but anyways whats up

stimpyismyname: bored as usual

Berrybud: oh cool

Berrybud: same here just wanting to talk to my boy

Berrybud: …….taylor

stimpyismyname: ………..nancy

Berrybud: huh? im lost

stimpyismyname: ok

Berrybud: would u mind explaining

stimpyismyname: would you?

Berrybud: what?

stimpyismyname: huh?

Berrybud: ahh im lost soo lost.

stimpyismyname: sucks 2 b u

Berrybud: stop whats wrong with u

stimpyismyname: sorry

Berrybud: u were soo sweet to me the other time i talked to u what happened

stimpyismyname: im sweet as sugar

Berrybud: well u sure arent acting like it now

Berrybud: i knwo u sweet as sugar but whats wrong today?

stimpyismyname: ahh

stimpyismyname: red

Berrybud: what

Berrybud: ok…..

Berrybud: and whats wrong with that?

Berrybud: talk to me!!!

stimpyismyname: brb

Berrybud: k

stimpyismyname: back

Berrybud: ok

Berrybud: now will u answer me whats wrong with u and whats wrong with red?

stimpyismyname: im tired and red is evil

stimpyismyname: jk

Berrybud: well red and black are cool school colors

Berrybud: well dont be tired

Berrybud: go masked raiders!!

stimpyismyname: woohoo

Berrybud: jk thats a cool college though

Berrybud: tech

Berrybud: thats where my big bro is going

stimpyismyname: k

Berrybud: yea ur making me feel stupid and not loved

stimpyismyname: O:-)

Berrybud: i dont like that feeling =(

stimpyismyname: i’m sorry…

stimpyismyname: brb

Berrybud: its ok

Berrybud: ok

stimpyismyname: ok

stimpyismyname: back

Berrybud: ok

stimpyismyname: haha

Berrybud: wut?

stimpyismyname: nuthin

Berrybud: no tell me

stimpyismyname: watchin tv…

Berrybud: oh ok

stimpyismyname: whee!!

stimpyismyname: yellow

Berrybud: yay red

stimpyismyname: greeeeeen

Berrybud: green eeewww

stimpyismyname: yum

Berrybud: blue yay!!

stimpyismyname: orangeee

Berrybud: not really

Berrybud: pink!!!

stimpyismyname: thats enough of that

Berrybud: ok

Berrybud: ok donefinally

Berrybud: srry

Berrybud: brb

stimpyismyname: okey day

stimpyismyname: u back?

stimpyismyname: guess not

stimpyismyname: dum de dum

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