#10309: davepoobond -> Phoenix

davepoobond: i updated squackle whoopee

Phoenix: whee!

davepoobond: first time since 9/07

Phoenix: I stole a desk from school

Phoenix: and a window..

davepoobond: lol

Phoenix: and one of those things off the exit doors, you know those big bars that you press to open the door?

davepoobond: ya

Phoenix: one of those, had to pry it loose though, heh

Phoenix: so what did you update with?

davepoobond: uhh u pry have to refresh

Phoenix: Oh, I got my website but the space isn’t up yet.

davepoobond: oh

Phoenix: So soon I should have my comic up, and you shall have much linkage

davepoobond: cool

davepoobond: wanna be in the Squackle network?

Phoenix: O’course

davepoobond: k. then what you have to do is put a Link, above the fold, saying “This site is apart of the Squackle! Network” and link it to www.arcticnetwork.net/squackle/network.html

Phoenix: …fold?

davepoobond: so you dont have to scroll down

davepoobond: to see it

Phoenix: ahh, sure

davepoobond: whats the name of ur site

Phoenix: bad ink for now, may be changed.

davepoobond: description, and URL?

Phoenix: the site will be up in a few weeks probably, once my scanner is back home and my pc is wiped (on my laptop now)

davepoobond: k

Phoenix: Not sure yet, I have a few scripts in mind….

davepoobond: i’ll get it ready on the network page as much as i can at least

davepoobond: do you have a description of it?

davepoobond: or can u make one yet

Phoenix: Not really

davepoobond: alright

Phoenix: Just put “Chock fulla tuna”

davepoobond: want me to say “Phoenix’s website”

davepoobond: cuz ur known as that on squackle

Phoenix: Adam aka Phoenix

davepoobond: Adam (aka Phoenix’s)

Phoenix: cool

Phoenix: Hmm, I’m bleeding

davepoobond: heh

davepoobond: y

Phoenix: I really hate those mystery cuts, y’know?

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: all of a sudden u notice it and u dont know from where

davepoobond: i got these like big scabs on my hand once and i dont even know where i got them from

Phoenix: It’s like “oh, hey I have what looks like I have a knife wound… oh well”

davepoobond: or on my arm

Phoenix: what looks like a knife wound*

Phoenix: forgive me, I’ve been eating pizza dough

davepoobond: heh

Phoenix: Picture this… count chocula, frankenberry AND booberry combining it to a mega-zord of tooth decay

davepoobond: heh

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