#6428: davepoobond -> wangerspanker

davepoobond: hey

wangerspanker: yep?

davepoobond: hi

wangerspanker: sup?

davepoobond: nothin much, you

wangerspanker: chillin

davepoobond: same

wangerspanker: im downloading kazaa

davepoobond: cool

wangerspanker: it seems nice.

wangerspanker: yo know whhat it is right?

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: i had it but my version got too old to be updated

davepoobond: so i said “screw it” and uninstalled it

wangerspanker: lol

wangerspanker: thats what im gonna do with winamp

davepoobond: uninstall it?

wangerspanker: yep

davepoobond: its a good program though

davepoobond: i think i got this plug in that you can see these cool colors on your screen

davepoobond: its pretty awesome for about 20 seconds

wangerspanker: yea i have that

wangerspanker: it gets old

wangerspanker: fast

davepoobond: yep


#6421: wangerspanker -> davepoobond

wangerspanker: whoa!

davepoobond: what

wangerspanker: im not online and i can im people still

davepoobond: wtf

wangerspanker: wierd

davepoobond: ur still connected then though

wangerspanker: i dont see how

davepoobond: you pry have DSL or cable dont you

wangerspanker: no…boring old modem

davepoobond: lol

davepoobond: it musta not disconnected then

wangerspanker: sw-weet

wangerspanker: there it goes im going..bye bye bye bye……

davepoobond: ok bye

davepoobond: ur still on

wangerspanker: yea freaky

wangerspanker: its my winamp..it stays on till i say stop

davepoobond: heh


#6204: wangerspanker -> davepoobond

wangerspanker: rjhg khkgj anb kgjnbakjekg j?

davepoobond: sfsdklfjwoiu slkjxc,mw wouckj

wangerspanker: skgf hkgh kjbvkjkjv kvk!!!!!!

davepoobond: jslk?

wangerspanker: g hkj k.

wangerspanker: lsdhf lhs??

davepoobond: wxctwe

wangerspanker: khgkj k kk …….:-D

davepoobond: wokjc.

wangerspanker: kfg bkb gkjdfb a;ekru ‘;aj’ap j??KGK///L:L?>LKH^$&T&^T

davepoobond: clkjwo. xcjioj cjkljsdfoiucb woiug

wangerspanker: ooooooooooooowrhjft kjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjflkrwqjehf jawhrrrrrrrrrr

wangerspanker: (sorry i stutter)

davepoobond: (its ok)


#5893: FreeDirectTV -> wangerspanker

Auto response from FreeDirectTV:

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wangerspanker: who are you?what do you want with me?

wangerspanker: leave me alon…im calling the cops!