What the Critics Say About Squackle

“Ummm…….can we all say that’s a fucked up site??” – whitemagic

“I never squackled in public until I saw this site.” – BALTAUR SAMA

“Squackle just SQUACKS me up!” – D-Fiance

“Squackle made me piss myself, now i laugh wet” – D-Fiance

“o.o;; no” – Korinu

“Um, a collection of odd stuff?” – Para

“Squackle is God” – Vegichan

“Squackle is the place to go to find the cheapest chicken and turkey prices” – Valin Consulting

“Its…weird?” – Ko-chan

“Its a nice funny site with funny stuff there” – Jippii CEO the CEO of Jippii

“Heh…I dunno” – Bob

“This site has a very deep, profound point. No, I have no clue what it is either and if you know commit yourself. As for me, I submitted stuff to this site and am going to take a bath… I feel all dirty.” – Phoenix

“Every time I’m sitting on the pot and taking a dump I think of Squackle” – MyLeftTesticle

“I want to marry squackle!!!!” – The Peaman Thats Not a Man

“I like squackle… in spanish ducks go cua cua…I have mad cow disease…I like chinese.. WOW that rhymes!” – doughnut

“I love peas, well actually I dont, they are gross, and i also like unicorns and long walks on the beach, and um, also, mmmm.. animal sex.. I love squackle.. mooo” – The Peaman Thats Not a Man

“You are all evil … its great!! I love your site” – Stevo

“…Good….[not] bad…..kill [er]…person who made this site [rules]” – Sane Times

“hi my name’s ralph an i think your site sicks ass.  =D” – Poophead

“I’m not gonna waste my data for your stupid web site” – Add None


#5884: Digital War -> Valin

Digital War: hey

Valin: hey man

Valin: what’s up?

Digital War: I moved to my dads, going to school at my dads and im going to run for student council president

Digital War: guess what my main like “objective is

Valin: what?

Digital War: To make the buses smell good

Valin: i like it, i like it.

Digital War: My teacher said that i can go up for school prez

Digital War: And i think ill win because theres this one psychic chick

Digital War: and she tells everyone who they were in there past lives etc..

(my favorite line is the next one.. hehehe – Valin)

Digital War: mostly everyones a shit hole from some shit place

Digital War: but she said i was Ghengis Khan

Valin: really?

Digital War: yeah

Valin: huh.

Digital War: but… shes on a lot of meds

Digital War: She likes her pencil shaveings if you get my drift

Digital War: back

Valin: wb

Digital War: thanks

Digital War: damn i had to take a shit

Valin: heh

Valin: thanx for letting me know

Digital War: np

Digital War: and its a stinky fello to

That last line is Brilliance Personified. – Valin


ToAT Recruiting Hall / DPOD -> davepoobond

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – ToAT Recruiting Hall”. ***

davepoobond: ((well well, who do we have here))

davepoobond: ((lets leave the stuff behind us….lets be friends))

davepoobond: ((or are you still ignoring me))

DPOD: (( you guys come in and ruin our RP room))

DPOD: ((we do not follow the Rhydin Rules))

davepoobond: ((::shrugs::))

DPOD: ((that’s why we only take certain types…most like Rhydin’s ways))

davepoobond: ((i dont like rhydin’s ways))

DPOD: ((i know you are young..but will you allow me to explain why we have the rules like we do?))

davepoobond: ((sure, why not))

(in IMs)

DPOD: ok a few years ago..we had this guild by another name..and a sister guild that took Vamps and darks and such.

DPOD: wel we had a great member..she was a great MS champ and love to spar in our skrimishes and such….Turns out the Mun had cancer..we didn’t know until right before she died…anyway

DPOD: she gets in a MS with some jerk vamp types..blows them away and they begin to AA her..constantly..we used to set traps for them and fight fire with fire..but , as you know..most people like that never follow the rules anyway….so she had to spend mosr of her time in PRs.

DPOD: she died 2 xmas’s ago..in the hospital..they had to have xmas a week early for her kids in the hospital.

(in the chat)

OnlineHost: Maron has entered the room.

Maron: ::runs in and slives DPOD::

OnlineHost: Maron rolled 4 98-sided dice: 40 96 40 62

OnlineHost: Valin has entered the room.

Maron: -DPOD is guild killed and will be banned from the ToAT-

Valin: Hello

Maron: ((LMAO!))

OnlineHost: Valin has left the room.

(in IMs)

DPOD: she asked us to have a guild were normal people can RP and such without the idiots.

DPOD: ::shrugs:: and we did.

DPOD: our rules only pertain to us…Guild death only counts for the members and in out rooms.

DPOD: we do not accept anything from outside our realms…our dice…which everyone starts at 2d20 ,must be earned

DPOD: i started at 2d20 3 years ago.

(in chat)

davepoobond: ::in::

Maron: ::looks around and spots Dave with a grin…::I so hungry… Got any Toat?

davepoobond: uhh, sorry

davepoobond: the toater is broken

Maron: Maybe there a Toater about…? ::looks around raving the place…::Hmmm?

Maron: Damnit!

Maron: ::growls and walks over to DPODS “Slived” body and pissed on it..::punk

(in IMs) davepoobond is thinking “he’s still talking?”

DPOD: we give no free dice for vamps..we don’t even accept them…no one gets nothing unless they earn it…in active members are cut .

DPOD: ::shakes head;:: then you look at the types who come in here some times.

(in chat)

OnlineHost: Tsenn has entered the room.

Maron: ::still stands swaying his penis pissing on DPOD’S forehead::

davepoobond: gain control of that toothpick

Maron: What toothpick? ::spins around and it whips Dave it the eye::

OnlineHost: Xithril Baegorn has entered the room.

Tsenn: ((so wheres the sliver?))

davepoobond: ::grips his eyes:: AH! MY EYE!

OnlineHost: miss lovable hyper lil mandy! has entered the room.

Xithril Baegorn: ::quick steps carry him into the Inn, with a quick twist of the handle and a push from

Xithril Baegorn: his staff, the door swings open as the man strolls in, grinning like some madman…

davepoobond: whoa! a madman!

davepoobond: ::tackles the “madman”::

Xithril Baegorn: he comes to a rest, his gaze sweeping about the Inn as he sets down his staff with a

Xithril Baegorn: gentle tap upon the floor..::

Xithril Baegorn: ::although, he grinned like a madman, didn’t mean he was one::

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ::a young ctarl ctarl lady strides into the bar her hips sway softly side to side

davepoobond: ::didnt matter! tackled him anywayyyyys::

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: with each step. Her white hair swings lightly from her movements along with her cape

Xithril Baegorn: ::gets tackled, and looks up to him, that grin still upon his face… the staff rolls away

Xithril Baegorn: :: Greetings!!

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: flailing lightly at the bottom. Her hair braided with a gold ring at the bottom

Tsenn: ((::waiting to be slived or be called manure or something::))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: she has a blue triangle apon her right cheek. Her tail sways in

davepoobond: ((marron’s been killed already))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: a flicking motion at the tip. Her blue orbs have a serious look within

Tsenn: ((heh i havent been touched))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: Her white brows furrowed showing the facial expression.

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: Wearing a collar with a gold bell hooked on the collar

Maron: ((o.o;; When did Marron die?))

davepoobond: ((whoops….never mind heh))

Tsenn: ((when the jackapple slived him?))

Xithril Baegorn: Why did you tackle me! ::he tilts his head slightly…::

davepoobond: ((that was you))

Maron: ((Hmmm? ::wanks Marron out…::BRB DINNAH!))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: Her face looking young possibly looking the age 18. Along with wearing a tight

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: body suit.:: ((yada yada and all that junk))

OnlineHost: Brightfire has entered the room.

davepoobond: ::he peered up from his place on the floor, on top of Xithril:: hey aisha…

Brightfire: ((Could I get a look at the application…?))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((need that damn BOT! ))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ::looks toward dave:: oh…….you again

Xithril Baegorn: ::his gaze shifts, falling upon -Aisha- a chuckle..:: Can you pick up my staff!

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ::looks toward the stranger that dave has tacklized::

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: sure

davepoobond: ::he raises a brow:: nu! dont

OnlineHost: Brightfire has left the room.

Tsenn: ::umm well he got some letter about a new location so he decided to check it out sliding on

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ::she walked toward the staff bending down she grasps the staff

Tsenn: into the room slowly letting silent footfalls carry him to lean against the wall right next

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: before handing it over toward xithril::

Tsenn: to the door he tilted his head down and skimmed the floor::

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((making me wanna go on my cher sn lol))

Tsenn: ((who? O.o))

Xithril Baegorn: ::-DaBond- is ontop of him…. he reaches up, trying to grab it, but can’t quite get it..::

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((u lol))

Tsenn: ((eh why?))

OnlineHost: DPOD has left the room.

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((i dunno))

Tsenn: hey uhh dave get off the man already…..

davepoobond: eh….all right then

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ::she reachs more so the man can grab it::

davepoobond: ::stands up on top of him, and hops off::

OnlineHost: Raditz has entered the room.

Xithril Baegorn: ::wiggles his fingers finally getting the staff, he grins, and stands::

Xithril Baegorn: Greetings all!

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ::blinks lightly as she raises a white brow::

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: hello to u too

OnlineHost: Raditz has left the room.

Tsenn: greetings? eh is that food?

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: (( ::pounces rick:: hiz!! ::misses:: T.T))

davepoobond: yesssssss……..

Xithril Baegorn: ::a nod is given:: Well then, I wish you all well! ::with that he wonders right on out of

Xithril Baegorn: the bar.::

OnlineHost: Xithril Baegorn has left the room.

Tsenn: ((rick?))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: rich*

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: (( doh ))

Tsenn: ((who the hell?))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: (( raditz!))

Tsenn: ((oh that was him?))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((yesh! ::grummbles and ims him:: ))

Tsenn: ((::not as old as her in LotS::))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: (( ::ish old in lots lol:: ))

davepoobond: ((::heard stuff about raditz::))

Tsenn: ((i know))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((uncle raditz ^.^))

Tsenn: ((since 98 i think))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((::nods nods:: ))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((while i was in school still and uhh a jr? i think lol))

davepoobond: ((how is it uncle…?))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((damn shit im old))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: (( cuz thats what cher calls him))